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Forsakia - The Lost Clans ( is a free MMORPG flash browser game from Alaplaya. The game is set in the mystical world of Jianghu, which was once ruled by powerful clans. However, during a vicious strike a mysterious assassin killed the leaders of all clans, throwing the world into chaos. You take upon the rol of one of six warriors and fight your way through the chaos. Features include, battling various monsters, challenge your fellow players in PvP matches, training your pet, gathering materials, crafting items and building your own house.

To play the game you don't need a client or a download. You can easily access the game from every modern browser that has the newest Flash Plugin installed. You simply login to alaplaya with your alaplaya account and access the game site. In accordance with alaplaya's policy of offering all games for free, Forsakia is free of charge. There are no monthly subscription costs, no download costs. The game is offering premium items, which you do have to pay for with alaplaya's currency, AP. You can buy AP with real money. The premium items, however, are not neccessary to play the game. You are free to choose whether you want to purchase them or rather not.

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